80 EB 24th off ramp is closed through December; Lane shifts begin at the 480 split.  Overnight closures will occur in the area. 

I-480 NB and I-80 Westbound from JFK NB is closed ALT ROUTE: FROM JFK NB: Take 80 EB to I-29 NB to 480 and back in to Omaha.  F St on ramp is closed to NB JFK as well to help with congestion.  You CAN use 13th exit to head downtown, but expect delays with extra traffic there.

Northbound 30th and Titus curb lane closed  (822)

24th and Farnam North and Westbound lane restrictions  (9/7)

Fontenelle BLVD Pratt to Pinkney various lane restrictions (8/23)

EB Hickory (next to QuikTrip south of Walmart) 72nd to 74th lane restrictions (8/28)

Ida Street Both EB/WB between 180th St and 168th St closed (9/29)

Ida Both EB/WB between 148th St and 144th St

The intersection of 132nd and Giles Road closed through October Use 144th

30th Both NB/SB between Parker St and Lake St lane restrictions (October)

To the north of Omaha: 680 WB from I-80 for about 5 miles down to one lane

180th closed Fort to Grand Ave (8/18)

60th closed Center north to Walnut (9/14)

Western at 65th lane restrictions (8/21)

WB Pacific at 84th curb lane closed (8/21)

60th St Both NB/SB South of Center to Spring down to one lane each Direction 

Westbound Q  25th to 28th lane restrictions (8/23)

Cuming 23rd to 20th curb lane closed through October (10/31)

Abbott Dr in front of Epply Airport NB right lane closed for for parking garage renovations until 2019.

132nd and Pacific in the intersection road work in all 4 directions for about 3 blocks leading up to the intersection

Maple St construction on going.  One lane each direction at 87th for bridge work over the Papio creek

NW Radial Cuming to Maple various lane restrictions both north and southbound until November (11/15)

84th st Both NB/SB between Harrison St and Q St lane restrictions for bridge repair

84th St closed Pacific to Dodge St (just south of Indian Hills Drive) until mid-December. Use 72nd,78th or 90th There is STILL access to the hospital from 84th.

Road work on the Veterans Memorial Bridge/HWY 275 over the Missouri river, from 13th st in Omaha to just over the bridge; lane restrictions

Harlan Drive (Formally HWY 370) Arboretum to Ft.Crook  Lane restrictions for bridge repair (10/1)

HWY 92 between the Platte river and HWY 275; lane restriction and temp traffic signals off and on til September

From HWY 275 at Waterloo to Elkhorn Dr (apx 214th) long term lane restrictions both directions  and very narrow lanes on bridge over Elkhorn River for bridge work  (12/22)