Construction in and around Omaha

As of March 31, 2023

Scheduled end dates are at the end of the information in ( ) TFN=Till further notice

Pot holes: NB 132nd the turn lane to WB Dodge is still very bad

42nd is closed just south of the I-80 off ramp; to D St for bridge replacement. You CAN exit and enter I-80 at 42nd. Scheduled to re-open in December

HWY 75 various lane restrictions at points Plattsmouth to Murray (November 2024)

I-29: various lane restrictions, closures, ramp closures from HWY 30 (Missouri Valley) to I-80 (Council Bluffs) both directions. Follow detours.

In Council Bluffs the South Expressway from I-80 to 19th Ave lane restrictions (11/15)

HWY 34 between HWY 75 and Harlan Lewis Road various lane restrictions at times in both directions (9/15)

HWY 75 between HWY 34 and just across the Platte river various lane restrictions at times in both directions (9/15)

Westbound 370 at 192nd lane restrictions

Giles is closed 180th to Green Leaf (TFN)

192nd is closed Giles to Cornhusker (9/15)

Cornhusker is Closed 188th to aprox 195th (TFN)

168th Center to Q St. lane restrictions both directions. Southbound lane construction will continue through December, then Northbound lanes through September 2024

I (eye) St is only closed WESTBOUND 102nd to 108th. This is a heavily industrial area and best to treat it as closed unless you need to be in the area (11/30)

Q St between Millard Ave and John Galt Blvd (Aprox 112th to 138th) various lane restrictions for fiber optic installation From 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (4/22)

Q St between Millard Ave and 144th lane restrictions (4/22)

Northbound 108th lane restrictions John Galt Blvd to J St.(3/31)

Northbound 72nd approaching L St; only 1 lane open due to a water main break (4/5)

Westbound Grover at 50th the left turn lane is closed (4/6)

F St between 50th and G St. Eastbound lane restrictions (4/8)

Northbound 42nd Pacific to Mason lane restrictions (on the north edge of the VA/County offices) (4/7)

48th is CLOSED between P St and Q St (4/10)

Q St is closed to through traffic  61st to 72nd You CAN access the business’ on Q St (the closure is actually only about 66th to 68th)  (8/27)

Westbound Leavenworth St right lane closed at 38th (4/6)

Westbound Leavenworth 43rd to 44th right lane closed (4/3)

11th and Bancroft lane restrictions (4/3)

156th between Summerwood Dr and Rolling Ridge Rd lane restrictions southbound (just north of Q St)  (3/31)

156th closed from Pacific to Howard and lane restrictions to Wycliff (just south of Dodge) lane restrictions and closures (April 2024)

Various lane restrictions from 155th to 159th on Pacific (11/30)

(RESIDENTIAL) 135th Ave Cedar to Shirley lane restrictions (Montclair Neighborhood) (4/7)

(RESIDENTIAL) 91st is closed Westridge to Susan Cir (just south of Center) (4/10)

(RESIDENTIAL) 72nd AVENUE is closed Hascall to Fredrick Cir (just north of Grover) (4/10)

The cut through from Center to Pacific: 105th Northbound 2 blocks north of Center lane restrictions (3/31)

Southbound 90th at Arbor (just south of Center) right lane closed (4/17)

Center from 90th west a few blocks to Paddock RD lane restrictions both directions (4/13)

(Residential) Cedar (just north of Center) Closed 58th to 60th (4/3)

Center St at 36th lane restrictions in both directions (3/31)

108th is closed from Decatur (just south of Blondo) to Burt Cir (the 3 way intersection by the White Oak convenience store) until November 2023

Northbound 102nd at Nicholas left lane closed (4/8)

Westbound Fort 90th to 91st the right lane is closed for a building demolition (4/3)

74th is closed Dodge south to Douglas (4/3)

Cass: Head to Head traffic in the eastbound lanes (these lane closures shift so expect changes without notice) 73rd to 76th NO LEFT TURN AT 76th (5/20)

Westbound Dodge just before 72nd to 78th right lane is closed (TFN)

Westbound Dodge 38th to 40th the right lane closed (11/30)

(Residential) 65th St and Grant intersection is closed (4/17)

44th Saddle Creek to Douglas lane restrictions (the road on the north side of Don&Millies) (4/20)

Southbound 72nd at Curtis left lane closed (4/5)

Westbound Military at the entrance to Benson Park (about 70th) lane restrictions (4/6)

29th is closed between Blondo and Burdette (behind Charles Drew Health Center) for sewer replacement (6/30)

20th and Lake intersection is closed (4/20)

Lake St lane restrictions 20th to 16th (4/5)

Willis Ave is closed 22nd to 24th (just south of Lake) (5/15)

37th is closed Farnam to Harney (5/9)

Harney St 26th to 24th Ave various lane restrictions (3/31)

Harney 37th to 39th lane restrictions (5/9)

Southbound 24th Ave right lane closed approaching St Mary's Ave (4/18)

16th St between Clark St (4 blocks north of Cuming) to Pinkney (about 6 blocks north of Locust) various lane restrictions and closures (8/31)

Nicholas St between 11th and 14th closed (5/29)

12th St is closed Dodge to Capital (11th has lane restrictions here, as well) and lane restrictions on Capital 11th to 12th (4/11)

Capital St lane restrictions 12th to 9th (4/3)

14th AND 15th Farnam to Douglas lane restrictions (2026)

Burt is closed 25th to 27th (just south of Cuming) (4/6)

Northbound 13th Chicago to Cass lane restrictions for bridge repairs (4/12)

Building construction has lane restrictions on 15th and 16th between Mike Fahey and California for about a block on each road (March 2024)

Riverfront Dr 8th to the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge parking lot is closed (4/27)

In Lincoln:

84th Street and Saltillo Road is closed for construction until the Fall of 2023. Local access will be maintained.

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