Construction in and around Omaha

As of September 20, 2023

Eastbound 680 from 30th to just over the Mormon Bridge the right lane is closed (12/15)

HWY 6 and HWY 66 road work in Ashland (9/30)

Bridge closures OVER the North Freeway/HWY 75:

Parker St Bridge closed until August (this is still showing as closed (9/19/23)

Lake St Bridge says June through September, but no firm start date given.

Binney St Bridge August through November

Ames St Bridge August through December and resuming in April 2024

Bristol St Bridge October through January 2024

Sprague St Bridge January through Mid April 2024

Hamilton St Bridge "Spring through Fall 2024"

Overnight road work 680 between Dodge and Blondo. Various lane restrictions in both directions at times at various points (10/15)

42nd is closed just south of the I-80 off ramp; to D St for bridge replacement. You CAN exit and enter I-80 at 42nd from the NORTH side of the interstate. Scheduled to re-open in December

Overnight construction from I-80 Eastbound AND Westbound to Southbound 75/JFK to Chandler at various times and at various points (10/30)

HWY 75 various lane restrictions at points from about Fairview Road (just south of Bellevue) to Murray, Nebraska (November 2024)

In Council Bluffs the South Expressway from I-80 to 19th Ave lane restrictions (11/15)

9th Ave is closed under I-29. Follow the detours

Southbound 144th /HWY 50 from 370 to Q St and Millard Ave to L St for bridge repair at various locations (10/31/2024)

Bridge work north of Fremont over the Elkhorn River on HWY 77 lane restrictions (11/15)

Platteview Road is closed 210th to HWY 31 (11/30)

Giles is closed 188th to 196th (10/15)

84th Capehart to Platteview road will be down to one lane until (10/4)

Construction reported at 25th and Chandler (ukn)

Sorenson 78th to 30th various lane restrictions both directions (9/26)

30th Southbound just north of Sorenson PKWY lane restrictions (9/22)

16th St between Clark St (4 blocks north of Cuming) to Pinkney (about 6 blocks north of Locust) various lane restrictions and closures (8/31/2024)

The intersection of 60th and NW Radial HWY: various lane restrictions (9/26)

Northbound 60th Ames to Fowler right lane closed (9/16) (This is still showing as active on construction map 9/20/23)

Northbound 60th approaching Sorenson Pkwy (Nebraska Ave to Curtis) right lane closed (9/16) (This is still showing as active on construction map 9/20/23)

Southbound 30th between Bondesson St and State St the right lane is closed (9/26)

Southbound 30th at Sorenson lane restrictions (9/22)

Southbound 30th Ida to Titus (approaching Newport Ave) the right lane is closed (9/20)

In Florence 29th and 30th on Weber (Godfather's) roadwork (9/26)

Martin Ave 36th to 34th lane restrictions (9/28).

Larrimore closed 34th to 36th (9/22)

29th is closed between Blondo and Burdette (behind Charles Drew Health Center) for sewer replacement (9/26)

24th Seward to Lake lane restrictions (9/21)

(Residential) 65th is closed Miami St to Grant St (9/20)

18th and Grace is closed (11/28)

Grace St 16th St to 18th St is closed (9/26)

11th Grace to Clark lane restrictions (9/20)

Binney is closed 48th St to 48th Ave (9/22)

9th Storz to Crown Point Lane restrictions (ukn)

Cumming St 15th 20th lane restrictions (9/23)

16th and 17th Mike Fahey to Cuming St lane restrictions (9/22)

Mike Fahey 16th to 15th lane restrictions (March 2024)

15th Mike Fahey to California St lane restrictions (March 2024)

Farnam between 10th to Turner Blvd various lane restrictions (9/18)

Douglas and Farnam 15th to 14th lane restrictions (February 2026)

13th Northbound Pine to William Lane restrictions (9/25)

20th and Castalar to Dupont lane restrictions (9/20)

22nd Mason to Pacific is closed (9/29)

17th and Harney lane restrictions in the intersection (10/9)

17th and Dodge various lane restrictions (9/19)

14th is closed Farnam to Douglas (8/15/2026)

15th Farnam to Douglas lane restrictions (8/15/2026)

Farnam 8th to 10th lane restrictions (9/26)

(residential/business) 25th Deer Park Blvd south 2 blocks to the dead end (9/25)

Southbound 24th Ave right lane closed approaching St Mary's Ave (10/3)

(Residential) 20th is closed F St to G St (9/20)

(Residential) 27th is closed I (eye) St to J St (9/22)

Southbound 13th at O St right lane closed (10/3)

7th Marcy to Leavenworth various lane restrictions (9/28)

(Residential) Frances 58th to 60th is closed (just north of Center) (9/21)

Center 56th to 52nd lane restrictions (9/22)

48th is closed Howard to Leavenworth (9/21)

Grover is closed 56th to 59th (12/31)

42nd Grover to Center lane restrictions (9/20)

42nd Center to Pacific lane restrictions (10/17)

42nd is CLOSED Pacific to Leavenworth (10/23)

42nd southbound lane restrictions at Dewey (9/22)

Southbound Saddle Creek from Jones (Quik-Trip) to Leavenworth lane restrictions (9/20)

Douglas St lane restrictions Saddle Creek to 44th (the road on the north side of Don & Millie's) (12/31)

Farnam is closed 44th to Saddle Creek (12/31)

Dodge Westbound 38th to 40th lane restrictions both directions (11/7)

37th and 38th are closed Farnam to Harney (10/11)

Harney 38th to 37th lane restrictions (10/11)

Cass 74th to 76th head to head traffic in the eastbound lanes (11/5)

Dodge between 72nd and 77th lane restrictions both east and westbound (12/31)

Dodge Frontage Road from 84th to 86th (on the south side of Dodge)lane restrictions (9/25)

(Just south of Methodist/Childrens Hospitals) 88th Douglas to Capital is closed (9/23)

(Just south of Methodist/Childrens Hospitals) Douglas is closed 87th to 88th (9/20)

(Residential) Poppleton is closed between Loveland Dr and Ridgewood Ave (just south of Pacific (9/21)

84th Center to Grover lane restrictions (10/2)

72nd inside left lanes are closed at Grover both directions (9/29)

Center from 90th west a few blocks to Paddock RD lane restrictions both directions (10/3)

90th Northbound Dupont to Dorcas Just north of Center/Loveland Shopping Center; right lane closed (9/25)

72nd north and southbound Bedford to Pinkney (just north of Maple) lane restrictions (9/29)

90th and Fort northbound right lane closed (10/9)

Military 90th to 99th lane restrictions (9/16) (This is still showing as active on construction map 9/20/23)

94th and Blondo in the intersection lane restrictions (9/19)

Miracle Hills Dr 120th to Nicholas lane restrictions (9/25)

Blondo between 117th and Papillion PKWY (aprox 114th) various lane restrictions both directions (11/10)

108th is closed from just north of the Dodge frontage road north to Burt Cir (the 3 way intersection by the Salvation Army HQ) The business just off the Frontage road at 108th IS accessible) (11/30)

Northbound 156th approaching Maple at Binney lane restrictions (9/19)

Southbound 156th at Corby lane restrictions (9/20)

156th closed from Pacific to Wycliff (just south of Dodge) closed. Access is still open to Wycliff Neighborhood (April 2024)

Pacific is head to head traffic in the eastbound lanes 155th to 157th (11/30)

Pacific St westbound the LEFT lane is closed from Applied PKWY (about 146th) for about 2 blocks (9/22)

Arbor is closed 117th to 119th (9/25)

State St is closed 147th to 156th (10/20)

177th Maple to Spaulding is closed (9/21)

Eastbound Maple 180th to 177th right lane is closed (9/25)

Eagle Run Drive 140th to Binney lane restrictions (9/21)

96th F St to L St lane restrictions (9/20)

Southbound 96th right lane closed at Park Drive (9/25)

F St 42nd to 44th lane restrictions (9/20)

Q St various lane restrictions89th to 90th (10/2)

Westbound Q St 84th to 87th lane restrictions (10/5)

Northbound 84th Park Drive to Q St. down to one lane due to a water main break (9/20)

I (eye) St is closed WESTBOUND 102nd to 96th lane restrictions (9/20)

168th Center to Q St. lane restrictions both directions. Southbound lane construction will continue through December, then Northbound lanes through December 2024

Q St is closed 45th to 48th (10/17)

48th and Q St in the intersection lane restrictions (9/20)

Q St is closed to through traffic 61st to 72nd You CAN access the business’ on Q St (the closure is actually only about 66th to 68th) (9/22)

70th is closed 72nd to Q St (9/22)

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